We gained enriched exposure while handling number of projects of in various field of our expertise.


Demonstrated the technology for producing high quality seed on the farmer field at block Ashta of dist. Sehore, M.P. (India). The training and capacity building of farmers lead to successful adoption. The project sponsored by DST, New Delhi.


Wastelands reclaimed through introduction of Jatropha plantation. Jatropha which is known for it is wide adaptation in diverse agro-climatic condition water stress conditions were experimented in the institutional and private land of farmer’s field.


Large chunk of Institutional land (270 ha.) provisioned for both CCOST (Chattisgarh Council of Science & Technology) and MPCOST (M.P. Council of Science & Technology). In M.P. the plantation was laid out in M.P. Agro’s govt. farm located in dist. Hoshangabad (M.P.) however, in Raipur the govt. land was scattered. Similarly nursery raising and plantation activities was also accomplished on the beneficiaries land in Chattisgarh (India) through CREDA (Chattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency) and in Madhya Pradesh through CAPART. The results obtained found to be encouraging & needs large scale plantation with assured marketing processing & value addition.


Integrated development of waste land was experimented through mix culture of fodder, fruit & fuel were carried out in block Icchawar, dist. Sehore, M.P. (India). The results found to be encouraging with the assured participation of local community for it’s long-term maintenance


Entrepreneurship development of rural youths through their training and capacity building by way of technology intervention REDP’s of NABARD, skill enhancement of DRDA (Sehore) and CAPART was executed and created livelihood opportunities for the beneficiaries.


Technology demonstrated conducted for producing vermi-compost in dist. Sehore (M.P.). This technology facilitated for improving soil profile and integrated development of the crop. The technology widely adopted for recycling of farmer waste and decline in the cost of cultivation. The project was sponsored by ICAR & CAPART for the various beneficiaries.


Bamboo which held multiple impact on rural economy was executed on the farmers field of Budhni block of dist. Sehore (M.P.). The main motto of this project was to create additional revenue through plantation of Bamboo on the waste land and check the soil erosion. In addition to it generate awareness about its application for bamboo based handicrafts is also one of the important issues. This project was carried out under the banner of CAPART.

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